Susannah Perkins LCSW

The Need to Please

The need to please, or appease, refers to a strong desire or inclination to seek approval, acceptance, or positive feedback from others. Individuals who experience this need often go to great lengths to avoid conflict, criticism, or disapproval.

The motivation behind people pleasing can stem from various sources, including a desire for social harmony, fear of rejection, or low self-esteem. Some key aspects associated with the need to please include: Fear of disapproval, avoidance of conflict, the need for validation and acceptance, low self-esteem, overcommitment, difficulty saying no, codependency and the loss of an authentic voice.

A healthy desire for social connection and positive relationships is natural. However, when the need to please becomes excessive, it may be beneficial for you to explore the underlying motivations and work towards building healthier patterns of self-expression and assertiveness.

I specialize in helping people develop self-awareness, connect with themselves and set boundaries; key steps in addressing people pleasing, and creating a more balanced and authentic relationships.

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